In Loving Memory

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The most terrible day in our life
Words can't describe how much we miss you all....
I hope you all are togheter in a better place
You all will forever leave a big hole in our hearts

SEUCH Sormus's Hope For Maxt Out's
2009-02-01~ 2012-01-30

Acsending's Ain't No Saint
2007-12-06~ 2012-01-30

Maxt Out's Do Anything For Love
2011-11-24~ 2012-01-30

Maxt Out's Don't Tread On Me
2011-11-24~ 2012-01-30

SE UCH Thorarps Erika
2003-03-23~ 2012-01-03

You will be missed!

Crisdellbully Pretty Woman

2010.05.16~ 2011-10-05

Thank you for the time we had with you!

Int Ch , Nord Ch Sv-06 Didalls Tenderness

2004.06.22~ 2010-06-04

After many years of problem you are at last free!
We will always remember you, you were one of a kind
We will meet you again and i hope you will wait for us

Didalls Challalnger


2004.06.22 ~ 2010.03.18


Sveahov's Blodughadda Vågdottir


2004.06.01 ~ 2009

Silpions Alva


1996.06.30 ~ 2006.01.03

My best friend ,You will always be in our hearts !